How To Tie A Blood Knot

How to tie a blood Knot? The blood knot, also known as the double blood knot  for joining two lines together. If you want to tie  blood knot like a professional for catching fish?Then this article will help you a lot to become a great fisherman. The Blood Knot is a true fishing knot and also  favorite of fly fishermen.

How to tie a blood knot

We will see step by step guide how to tie a blood Knot
How to tie a blood knotStep 1:

Line up the closures of each line together for a few inches, at that point fold the principal line over the second at any rate multiple or 5 times.

How to tie a blood knotStep 2:

Also wrap the second around the first at least five or multiple times.

How to tie a blood knotStep 3:

Bring both remaining details back to the center between the two lines.

How to tie a blood knotStep 4:

Pull tight on each line until the knot is cozy.


Blood Knot Tying Tool

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